Reviews : Orlovsky in Fledermaus

« Overall homogeneous and of high quality, the stage was however largely dominated by the incandescent Orlofsky by Marina Viotti : The copper colors of the insolently beautiful and perfectly projected voice of the mezzo-soprano, mixed with her theatrical performance captivated the audience. Marina Viotti even revealed her talents as a conductor by dislodging Marc Minkowski at the start of the Russian Dance »


« Marina Viotti (Orlofsky), definitely at home in this theater, served by her tall stature and her generous mezzo timbre, masterfully portrayed the jaded and pleasure-seeking dandy«


« Finally, we can only salute Marina Viotti’s performance as Prince Orlofsky, who does not need to force an organ of beautiful fullness nor an undeniable comic talent »


« The slaughter of the French mezzo Marina Viotti (Orlofsky) gives the disguised figure of the young prince who came back from everything before having experienced anything, a robust health with curiously southern colors.«


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