Brainstorming #1 : COMPETITIONS

Recently I have been asking myself : should I do more singing competitions?

1) The YES team :

  • you get to try out some arias —> always good before auditioning them for a theater
  • you get to see what your level is outside of your school/city/country
  • you get to work on your stress and nerves —> useful in case of a future jump-in for instance or any other future stressful situations
  • it is like a general audition if in the jury you have opera directors —> saving money ! going to audition is expensive (travelling+hotel+food)
  • you can end up richer : not only because you can win a certain amount of money or a contract, but you made a new experience and this is always enriching

2) The NO team :

  • It s rarely fair : there are always some injustice, people who are going to the finale and shouldn’t have and the opposite
  • It is a waste of time and money : you have to travel and pay to do competitions, and you are not sure you will get back with something (apart from the personal enrichment, see above)
  • You don’t need that to make a carrer : no, but it can help it though
  • Winning a competition doesn’t make you the best singer : some price winners are terrible as soon as you give them a role at the opera (not ready, not good actors, not enough endurance)


  • You can lose your self-confidence if you don’t win

So, what is your opinion ?
Do you agree with Bartok?


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