Finalist of Operalia 2018

As some of you already know, I have been finalist of the Operalia Competition 2018. We were a thousand at the beginning, and 4 mezzo at the end. I truly never expected to get that far, and was proud to be part of that exceptional edition which brings 4 MEZZI in the finale. This is historical. The level was super high, each singer was very different, and we all had a great experience, with positive and less positive points.


I had made a choice, which was probably not the best for winning, but it was for being coherent : to only sing arias from roles I am sure I can handle in any opera houses now. So I didn’t choose big “hits” such as Carmen or Dalila, because though I am able to sing the arias,  I’m not ready to sing any of those roles yet. I am enjoying singing Rossini, Mozart, Händel, Bellini, and this is already enough for the next three years. This is my voice at the present moment, my personality, my youth, and I am the happiest if I can stay in this repertoire as long as possible. Why? Because it keeps my voice healthy. Because I know that in any conditions (stress,tiredness,sickness,periods…) I can handle those roles without pressure. Because I am honest and I know heavier parts are tempting but my body is not ready for it (endurance, breathing, volume).

Unfortunately, it was probably not the best idea if I wanted to win Operalia, Elena’s aria (which maestro Domingo and I decided to put in finale) isn’t so well-known, and it doesn’t pay off though it is such a difficult part. But my target was to show what I can do best, to challenge myself (it is quite stressful to sing in front of the 10 top houses directors worldwide + the thousand of people watching the streaming), to make a giant audition and to represent belcanto .  I am happy with what I did, even if it’s difficult to have no reward, this is the risk of a competition and you know it when you register ! I went home with great memories and a very useful adventure 🙂

I must thank the whole Operalia team for their welcome, availability, organisation, efficiency, and kindness. We fell like home as soon as we landed, and they took such a good care of us. Maestro Domingo is such a humble, nice and generous person, it was a privilege to learn from him and work with him.

But most of all, I want to THANK YOU, my friends, my family, my community, for having granted me with so much love and support through the whole week of competition ! This is my biggest reward, and the best I could have had !

You can watch some interviews and images of the competition here :


And the whole finale round here :


Photos by Joe Domingo


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