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The jewel of this cast is Marina Viotti as Arsace. Her musical intelligence is one of the real assets of this recording, in a role that involves each extremes of the tessitura.

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This time you have Arsace, originally sung by a castrato, not occupied by a countertenor, but by a mezzo-soprano. And although Marina Viotti is truly shining in the high notes, she is by all means better than men in this role.

Vocally, the best element of the cast is Marina Viotti who, from Arsace, perfectly captures the elegiac rather than martial character. Thanks to a soft and caressing emission, to excellent technical qualities in the colors, to an accent of noble sweetness, the Persian prince is perfectly caught in all its characteristics.

Marina Viotti sings Arsace en travesti with much more temperament. Her timbre is ideal for the character. She is the one that, among the protagonists, is the most memorable thanks to her remarkable coloratura and dramatic finesse.

Rossini – Aureliano in Palmira (Gatell, Dalla Benetta, Pérez-Sierra)

Marina Viotti is to be considered as a true champion. Her Arsace, the real protagonist of the work, is of a seductive  romanticism, supported by an absolutely exceptional technique.

Marina Viotti’s mezzo-soprano is also vibrant and strong and she has all the virtuosity required



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